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​A financial coach is a personal finance expert or educator in areas such as getting out of debt, saving for retirement, budgeting, credit, increasing income, saving for college, avoiding bankruptcy, and smart money management. 


Why you need a Personal Financial Coach: 

  1. To keep you accountable.  

  2. To create a plan to fortify your personal balance sheet.

  3. To review and analyze financials to identify risks.

Services provided:

  • Monthly meeting (via phone, person, or video call).

  • Net worth and cash flow analysis.

  • Building a zero-based budget.

  • Saving for your emergency fund.

  • Eliminating debt with a debt snowball plan. 

  • Guidance on whether to lease or purchase a car.

  • Guidance on whether to rent or buy a house.

  • Develop strategies to pay off student loan debt prior to investing in 401K plan.

Extra Services: 

  • Tax planning.

  • Business planning. 

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